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GiftingInc, HCL

Athena : It is a business intelligent system which captures data from different sources in the World Wide Web and present in the form of qualitative and quantitative metrics.
As this product has a good amount of competitors so the major focus to beat the competition is on User eXperience and new unique features.
Using this platform users can collaborate each other, create alerts and notifications.

Gift Holler : Its an ecommerce site, brings one popular gift everyday at deep discounted price in limited quantity. An item is released every midnight at 12AM Destination Local Time Zone, seven days a week. If that item sells out during its run (in 24 hours), a new item will not appear until the next release time.

Eye Governance : Eye Governance is a web application which monitors cloud application usage and security. Target users are Administrators and Business users to analysis and track the usage and monitor the security of the application.

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