Mobile Apps

Boeing, HCL Aero…

Boeing : Need to create a Mobile web application which primarily consists of two modules Discrete Work Requirement Tool and Test Operation Center. Discrete Work Requirement Tool empowers you to create Work Instructions, estimate Discrete Work Requirements, and create Statements of Work for any new work that has been identified during a flight test. Test Operation Center helps to check status board updates.

Collective Shopping : Using mobile application need to bring like-minded people together to discuss, share, and shop. Collective Shopping Iphone app will help users to share live video streaming with their friends connected through Facebook.
The end user will be viewing the live video streaming and product details shared by his friend through web application.

Paris Air Show : This app is a pocket guide for the users to understand the environment of the airshow. Also this app kindle the thoughts of every user to visit the airshow and also handy for new visitors to France and Paris air show.
It is often very difficult to locate the stall and booths in an Big Airshow. As this event is considered to be premiere air show, this app will help them to locate where they currently stand. Also for foreign visitors the additional information like public transport, hotels nearby and contacts will help them a lot

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